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Professional Experience

Adjunct Assistant Professor • Hofstra University, Department of Philosophy

September 2008–December 2009; fall term 2010; September 2011–May 2012; January 2014–present. Courses: Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics, Global Ethics, Bioethics, Contemporary Ethical Issues, Philosophy of Happiness and Well-being, Yoga Philosophy, Theories of Human Nature, Philosophy of Health and Wellness, Independent Study in Philosophy (in French).

Affiliated Faculty • The General Theological Seminary

January 2015-present. Courses: Systematic Theology, Philosophy for Understanding Theology, Asian Religions, Women Mystics and Feminist Theology, Trends in Contemporary Theology (I): Radical Theology, Byzantine Theology, Political Theology, online course for Diaconal Studies Program, Diocese of Pennsylvania. Academic advising.

Adjunct Assistant Professor • St. John’s University, Department of Theology

September 2014–December 2014; January 2018-present. Courses: Religions of the World, Introduction to Hinduism, Introduction to Christian Theology.

Director of India Center • Long Island University Global, Bangalore, India

September 2012–January 2014. Administrative and academic responsibilities: Responsible for quality and success of center’s programming, overseeing all aspects of operations, long-range planning, ongoing program evaluation, development, and marketing to ensure the highest levels of quality, student satisfaction, and cultural representation in a foreign environment, while providing academic advising and teaching pilot core courses in the program. Courses taught: Theory, Culture, Representation; Introduction to India through Film, Narrative, Interpretation.

Visiting Assistant Professor • Long Island University Global, Brooklyn Campus

January 2012–July 2012. Academic senior thesis and overall advising; organizing visit to the United Nations and Washington DC. Course taught: Global Ethics.

Adjunct Assistant Professor • Dowling College, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

September 2010–December 2011. Courses taught: World Religions, Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy.

Adjunct Assistant Professor • York College–CUNY, Department of History and Philosophy

Fall term 2010. Course taught: Philosophy.

Director of Senior Studies • Long Island University Global, Brooklyn Campus

January 2010–July 2010. Academic advising; conducting Discovery Day poster presentation; organizing visit to United Nations and Washington DC. Courses taught: Cross-Cultural Understanding for a Globalizing World and Senior Thesis Seminar.

Adjunct Assistant Professor • Long Island University–C.W. Post Campus, Department of Philosophy

September 2008–December 2009. Courses taught: Beginning Philosophy.

Adjunct Assistant Professor • Nassau Community College, Department of Philosophy

Fall 2008; Fall 2009. Courses taught: Introduction to the History of Philosophy.

Visiting Assistant Professor • Willamette University, Department of Religious Studies

August 2006–June 2007 (sabbatical replacement). Courses taught: History of Christianity (Early, Medieval, Reformation), Introduction to the Study of Religion, Modern European Christian Thought, Theory and Method in the Study of Religion, Topics in Contemporary European Theology. Academic advising.

Adjunct Assistant Professor • Metropolitan College of New York

September 2004–May 2006. Courses taught: Social Welfare: Theory and Practice, Cultural Anthropology, Values and Ethics in Contemporary American Society.

Assistant Director • Friends’ World Program in Comparative Religion and Culture, Long Island University

September 2003–July 2004. Organized program and provided weekly academic advising; traveled with students for one academic year to Thailand, India, Turkey, Eastern Europe. Courses taught: Theory and Method in Religion, Comparative Religion and Culture, Mythologies: Religious and Political, Women and Power: Christianity and Hinduism.

Research and Teaching Assistant • Boston University

1995–2001. Assisted with teaching, lecturing, grading, academic advising, translating from and into French, scholarly research, book reviewing.

Assistant Director of Public Relations • Museum of Fine Art, Bucharest

1986–1988. Organized museum cultural events, exhibitions, tours, conferences, concerts; librarian duties; wrote, translated, edited, and proofread museum publications; gave lectures, facilitated museum tours.

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