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Hinduism and Radical Theology

Excerpt from “Hinduism and Radical Theology” in Palgrave Handbook for Radical Theology, eds. Jordan E. Miller and Christopher D. Rodkey, Palgrave MacMillan, 2018.


  • “An irrepressible desire of manifestation, and incarnation finds apocalyptic fulfillment in radical theology, both Christian and Hindu.  More markedly, as apocalyptic reversal of the conservative and the orthodox and retrieval of its authentic core, radical theology corresponds to the main principles operative in Tantrism, this baroque form of Yoga. Both are radicalizing their respective traditions, by enacting revolutionary forms of coincidentia oppositorum . . . . since, as Gregory of Nazianzus affirmed, “whatever is not assumed cannot be redeemed.

  • “Celebrating sensuality through a complex art of synesthesia and indulging in forbidden desires can occur only by a complete reversal of all Platonizing philosophies, and if that did indeed occur in some of the great Christian visionaries such as Jacob Boehme and Schelling, desire together with nonbeing has remained la bête noir (anathema) of all ontotheologies until the contemporary radical theology.

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