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Livio Stabile, Il ramo delle idee, Los Angeles, August 2020

Alina N. Feld is an American philosopher of religion. She holds a Ph.D in Philosophy of Religion from Boston University, and is a writer in the fields of philosophy and theology.


ALINA N. FELD is the author of Melancholy and the Otherness of God (Lexington, 2011) and numerous essays on contemporary radical theology. She received her MA in comparative literature from Stony Brook University and her PhD in theology from Boston University. Her research interests include medieval and contemporary theology, German Idealism, existentialism, and French phenomenology. She lives in New York and teaches philosophy and theology at Hofstra University and St. John’s University while pursuing her practice of philosophical counseling, employing Western and Eastern theories and methods. She is working on a book project D. G. Leahy: Nimble Omnipotence as Post-Apocalyptic Creating Society.



Ph.D. Philosophy of Religion, Department of Religious and Theological Studies, Boston University, (including coursework at Harvard Divinity School)


M.A. Comparative Literature and Religion, SUNY at Stony Brook, 1996 (including coursework at St. Vladimir Theological Seminary)


B.A. English and French–Literature and Linguistics, University of Bucharest